Who is Prince Spyro?

Greetings Everypony,

I’m Prince Spyro, and my IRL name is Sean Lestina. I am your head website admin. Here are some interesting facts about me; I went to Irondale High School in Minnesota with Black Chip, I played the violin with my high school’s orchestra, I am out of high school, and I was on my high school’s robotics team. I also have my own personal website located at: http://seanlestina.tk/  It is also listed on the side menu.

Here is the back story of my OC so far: Spyro was walking along with Cynder when he disappeared from his world and was transported to Equestria as an alicorn and for some reason the gems he used for power came with as well and has a limit on magic that he has to regain from the gems.

From your friendly Head Website Admin,

Prince Spyro